Art of Trolling


Aww... Not First...

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By Leafnin93

Glad That's Cleared Up

forever alone like love text - 4749593344
By trollfacegod

I Dislike This Post

facebook IRL like post - 5054407168
By Unknown

The Lesser of Two Annoyances

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By PryoguyNine

You Liked That Part?

creepy like youtube - 5942836480

Friendzone Level: Cleverbot

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By cablez0r

That'll Teach You to Steal My Name!

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Via Pleated Jeans

Blasphemy and Bacon

like bacon chat - 6366588672
By Ninja_Chick7

Y U No Turn Off Email Notifications?!

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By AlphonseBurk

Your Approval Rating Sucks, Bro

facebook like love status - 6216599552
By Scoty2kk

Hellz to the No

Cleverbot justin bieber like - 5966739712
By Unknown

I Pray for Your Salvation

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By Petit_Culotte

Get a boy to like me

boys like sexytime Yahoo Answer Fails - 4417980416
By Unknown

I told you I wasn't messing around

facebook like wtf - 6631488000
By corderoy

I Love That Show! Wait, Oh--

facebook like lost the game - 4672701184
By Unknown

I'm Not Sure What to Title This

comment facebook like - 5345795072
By BryTupper
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