Art of Trolling


Turn a light on, it's dark in here. Keep your day going with the flow with these airy light jokes and puns that will have you uplifted and feeling good.

Light Savings

mirrors troll science light - 4239241984
By Kabacho

Too Flashy

Awkward head light Omegle - 5125779200
By thewisewon

sun direction

facebook light one direction sun - 6186286080
By ao_samurai

The Dark Days

dark facebook light lyrics - 4603363584
By Unknown


fleshlight lady flowers light love penis sexytime Yahoo Answer Fails - 4515939840
By Unknown

At Least Flick the Switch on the Way Out

trolling memes turn off the light
Via kabeeb

Did You Pay the Light Bill?

bible IRL light switch - 4875113728
Via I Raff I Ruse

And Pedro Said...

light sexytime the bible - 4126822912
By Unknown

A Bright Response

heavy light opposites wisdom Yahoo Answer Fails - 4462910464
By Unknown

Better to Keep Your Mouth Shut and Appear Dumb

dumb light science sound - 6350621440
By Unknown

I Feel So Guilty. Never Again.

IRL light switch - 4887584768
By koaieus (Via