Art of Trolling


Gotta Dig 'Em All Up

lies Pokémon youtube - 5296111616
By GamerTroll012

Out of Texts for the Month

lies relationships sms texting - 6348911616
By Unknown


image oreo lies WHAT!
Via arabe1la

Expectations Were on Par

lies Tiger Woods Yahoo Answer Fails - 4176040704
By Unknown

No Lie

desperate lies Omegle - 4578456064
By Samantha616


boring lies reasons - 4236311040
By Originalove

Is This Admissible in Court?

facebook jail lies parenting wtf - 6000327168
By Unknown

And You'll Like It

freedom lies sign - 4742521344
By Striks

Love Has Many Secrets

lies white love funny black dating - 8212267264
Via Hallucino JER

Ad Block

troll on Youtube makes bad advice on blocking ads and giving thumbs up instead
By valdred (Via Cheezburger)

Never Met That Man in My Life

Bill Gates lies Yahoo Answer Fai Yahoo Answer Fails - 6369045248
By Unknown


boyfriend cheating facebook girls lies love - 4191811328
By Unknown

Time, Please?

lies pr0n youtube - 5657714688
By victorvpp

Do the Carpets Match the Drapes?

girl lies Omegle - 4921691136
By Unknown

Enough of Your Lies!

lies facebook Subway food - 6975118336
Via Tastefully Offensive

Oh He'll Give You a Lolly Alright

creepy lies pedobear - 4769688576
By SweetSangria
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