Art of Trolling


In Through the Out-Current

cable computer IRL laptop power USB - 4372806656
Created by Unknown

There's Probably an App for That

electric facebook laptop open that sounds naughty - 5790991616
Created by Broedlamp

Worst Case Scenario: RickRoll

laptop mac remote - 5522252800
Created by Genou55

Leaving Post-its Unattended?

IRL laptop - 6769768704
Created by Prof.Bax

It Was Delicious

apple laptop mac shoppers beware - 5264595200
Created by Andrew

It's the RAM Burglar

computers laptop Yahoo Answer Fails - 4772709632
Created by fjcvitel

Any Sparks You See Are Magic

facebook laptop microwave technology - 5117208832
Created by kevinlaar

Ya Should've Paid Him, Scumbag

dogs facebook kill laptop murder payment reward - 4648901120
Created by GrinningRat

Hope You're Feeling Lucky

google laptop marker screen - 5247227648

Infinite Power Loop

best of week laptop Memes power troll science USB - 4470336000
Created by Adam

A Fate Worse Than Disposal

funny memes unattended laptops upgraded to windows 10

Let Me Just Look That Up For You

google IRL laptop textbook - 4805564928
Via EPICPonyz

Well Done

creepy laptop sleeping trolling - 6153672960
Created by mildlycleer