Art of Trolling


My Kitchen Will Have to Wait

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Created by Frog30

"Pass the Olive Oil, Please..."

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Created by Unknown

Adventures In Meal Preparation

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Created by DarkMaverick

The Kitchen Is Your World

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Created by Mr.Intelligent

There's Tons of Multitasking to Do in the Kitchen!

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Created by lskira ( Via Youtube )

Quit Playing Games With My Dinner

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Created by PieMan950

Aren't Things Usually Demonic In Reverse?

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Created by koekiesbak

Little Chopin Board

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Created by Unknown

I've Got a Knife Out Already

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Created by soundman_swobblez

That Stove Looks Dirty

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Created by Andy

Even the ACT Agrees

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Created by Anna

Leave the Wit to the Men

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My Sandwich is Totally Shopped

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Created by ErikLC

I Understand It

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Created by hambob


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Created by Unknown

Look at That Leather Counter Top

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Created by Viltgance
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