Art of Trolling


How Sweet

kids car sweet mom - 6870782720
By Unknown

Can't Tell If Trolling or Just Eight Years Old

cute google google search kids - 6393521152
By Unknown

His Dad is Captain Obvious

captain obvious kids mom parenting - 8350986496

Talk About Toe Jams

justin bieber kids socks win - 5342501120
By SirKilmoreRyan

"Hello There, Friends..."

kids parenting - 8198710272

Gee, Thanks Kid...

kids letters teachers parenting - 8047061248
By Unknown

Yahoo Answers: Make Sure To Watch Human Centipede At Bedtime!

Yahoo Answers fail of someone who asked about letting their 10 year old kid watch The Human Centipede.
By KittensForBreakfast

Haha, You're Weird Now!

kids parenting - 8149268736

Thanks, Kid! Thanks a Lot!

Via null
dogs gifs kids rekt - 87046

"You Really Wanna Play This Game Kid?"

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"Hey, I'm on TV!"

Pokémon list kids pokemon go parenting - 862725

Mom Lets Her 2-Year-Old Name Her Pokémon GO Collection and "Claws Parrot" Happened

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Barney the Pedosaur

barney cereal guy kids pedobear - 4690809600
By I_sell_horses
kids trolltube parenting Video - 73365249

A 3-Year-Old is Your Taxi Driver!

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It's Healthy to Have Multiple Methods of Expressing Yourself

anger drawing kids parenting crayons g rated - 8188027136
Via blk_flutterby

I Don't Think He Likes the Horse Mask

kids horse mask parenting - 8440232960
Via Pelle1101
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