Art of Trolling


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The Internet Is Not a Good Place for Children

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Learn the Art of a Classic Prank From This Master Troll

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The Savagery

Via Beyond_Birthday
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Help Me!

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This Looks Like a Job for Pedobear

car kids pedobear shoppers beware - 4771512832
Created by Seasoned Professional

The Shadiest Shade That Ever Did Shade

gifs kids parenting rekt - 8425122048

D'aww! What a Little Hero!

kids fish drowning animals - 8277024000

Clever Girl

kids parenting - 8267478528

Trauma Cycle

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Created by tamaleknight

This Amazon Review is an Argument for Birth Control

amazon review about light projector
Via Reddit

Kids Love Bagpipes!

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My Kinda Kid

kid wearing mask to scare neighbors
Via cads

The Wooden Bridge to Hell is Carved With Good Intentions

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Created by Unknown

You Tell Me Which is the Better Deal

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Trolling Kids, Getting Paid

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Created by mmw7987 ( Via )
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"You Really Wanna Play This Game Kid?"

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