Art of Trolling


Nothing a Few Years of Therapy Won't Fix!

kids parenting nightmares - 8109809664
By Unknown

I Saw Luke Skywalker Looking at Them!

cant tell if trolling facebook fry kids - 5042506496
By PhoxyGamer

Behead All Those Who Insult Bob the Builder

IRL kids sign - 6590918656
By Unknown

You're Telling Me Parents Don't Love Indoor Sandboxes?

kids parenting - 7862002432
By Unknown

Nice Trollface, Kid

epic horse IRL kids trollface - 4355587840
By james2170
kids youtube trolling Video - 81775105

The Internet Is Not a Good Place for Children

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Le Most Direct Route

parkour kids maze - 7055908864
By freshbru

Grounding Has Evolved

kids parenting grounded - 7863531008
By Unknown

My Kinda Kid

kid wearing mask to scare neighbors
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Assassin Dad

assassins creed dad kids killing shoppers beware video games - 4632483072
By NicoDeJaVu
Guy predicts the future, and proceeds to give his colleague a nervous breakdown | r/tifu u/DeathclawTamer TIFU by giving my colleague nervous breakdown by predicting future M Happened 2 weeks ago and concluded this morning and my collegaues have good morning' call Mondays where just have chat about weekend, talk about football, rugby and interesting things have done. All chat and banter going well start talk about kids. Couple my colleagues have twins (one has grown up twins think 23

Guy Predicts Future, Gives Colleague Nervous Breakdown

An understandable panic spiral.
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Handcrafted, Aged for Nine Months

baby onesie made in vachina
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Dylan Knows What's Up

kids parenting - 8215479040

Oh Cody. Cody, Cody, Cody.

school kids parenting rockets - 8316653312

Babies, Babies Everywhere

Babies kids facebook - 6959005184
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Chat Roulette kids lost - 3226887168
By Unknown
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