Art of Trolling


Baby I Was Born This Way

kid pool restroom sign - 4696498688
Created by Unknown
awesome IRL kid kim kardashian news Video wedding - 24489729

Little Boy Trolls...Wait, This Is News?

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Bieber kid Video youtube - 30148609

A Lady With Taste

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Please, Like a Ginger Would Have a Brown 'Stache

age id IRL kid sign - 5098553856
Created by -Ghost-

Can't Tell If Bad Parent or Creepy Dog Owner

kid pet shoppers beware son - 5516354560
Created by Unknown

What do You Smoke?

cigarettes craigslist dead kid trolling wtf - 6180130304
Created by Unknown

Smoking Kills, Pops

car IRL kid photobomb trolling - 5877576704
Created by el.carl2

You are on the wrong website kid

Chat Roulette kid lady fun bags pedobear - 3405881600
Created by Unknown

Hey Kid, What Time Is It?

kid gifs trolling - 8574302464


birthday Chat Roulette children eww kid - 3472562688
Created by Unknown

Fear the Spider

Chat Roulette kid spider - 6404706048
Created by Mintzer


child kid monster scary - 3320830720
Created by Unknown

Extreme Want!

child kid pedobear - 3495678720
Created by Unknown
cancer kid rap Sad Video youtube - 32677889

Throw It Against the Wall!

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kid pedobear trollface - 3570454784
Created by Matt11

Please Stop

vomit smiling kid stop - 6972413952
Created by kimbesse
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