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Your Parking Job Stinks!

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TV gets damaged in transit, so company proceeds to lose millions | r/ProRevenge Join u/Champion5 3y Damage my TV transit and deny claim? No more shipments Not sure if this is "Pro" quality but some have asked post this here since they think is. 10 years ago moved my job had forgot about one my TV's back home and asked my dad ship on my companies account since they paid my move couple days later delivery driver Shipping Company drops off box heavily damaged so didn't sign He waited while

TV Gets Damaged In Transit, Company Loses Millions

Should've just coughed up that money.
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Video of anti-masker Karen being arrested for refusing to leave a store because she wouldn't wear a mask

Police Arrest Aptly Named Anti-Mask "Karen" For Trespassing

Karma, baby.
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This is What Instant Karma Looks Like

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Instant Karma

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Family bands together for pro revenge | r/ProRevenge Join u/BrigadoonRoseFall Farm Folk vs City Crew Hello all! My nieces and nephews have decided as cool auntie, must master this thing called reddit with stories my youth hope all enjoy seeing story written out as much as they've enjoyed hearing over years.

Women Try To Take Advantage Of Campground Fare, It Backfires

Man, you just love to see a family come together.
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