Art of Trolling

justin bieber

All That High Pitched Wailing Gives Me the Willies

justin bieber never say never Yahoo Answer Fails - 5112191744
By ninjabritt7

You Earned It

class school teachers pencils justin bieber - 8075979776
By Unknown

Talk About Toe Jams

justin bieber kids socks win - 5342501120
By SirKilmoreRyan

What Happened to Constructive Criticism?

justin bieber Omegle spymode - 6533710336
By Putnum

He's Only Five Years Old?

birthday justin bieber satan Yahoo Answer Fails - 4510896384
By Unknown

Is That What You Meant by Poker Face?

Omegle lady gaga justin bieber - 4302498816
By Unknown

Even His Own Country Hates Him

Music justin bieber f yeah freddie - 6812781568
By yourfriendmerle

At Least you Can Save a Pretty Penny

one direction justin bieber Music IRL - 6662200320
By Unknown

Do You Really Want That Weight on Your Soul?


If You Tip Him Well Does the Fan Die Horribly?

Death fan IRL justin bieber tip - 5201781248
By Unknown

Roommate Sabotage

trolling roommates funny justin bieber failbook - 7488467200
By aus886

Can't Tell If Trolling or Both of You Should Go Die In a Fire

Harry Potter justin bieber Omegle spymode - 5699763200
By Unknown

Did You Know He's a Mac User Too?

justin bieber shock sites the mac user Yahoo Answer Fails - 5626554368
By Budisha

Why Do They Always Take the Good Ones?

alive amy winehouse dead justin bieber rip Sad youtube - 5024900352
By elizabeth (Via

Baby, Baby, No

bad idea Bad Translator justin bieber Music - 6198075648
By Unknown

They'll Never Forget Now

justin bieber teachers school - 8185538048
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