Art of Trolling


It's Wednesday, Think She's Laughing Yet?

blonde joke Yahoo Answer Fails - 4788031232
Created by yehoshua2123 ( Via )

No But Really, What?

joke wolfram alpha - 5508869120
Created by Melissa

Trolling Spirit

Death joke ugly - 4704655616
Created by chcrampage41


gay joke - 3504261120
Created by Unknown

That'll Polish It Right Up

best of week facebook joke toothpaste - 5541132032
Created by Unknown

Clearly Not

Awkward gay joke Omegle - 4493222144
Created by HTMLCoder.exe

What If We Said One Guy Created the Whole Thing?

joke religion - 5525452032
Created by Bendyrulz

He's got wood

door joke - 3499649024
Created by Unknown

Ever Since We Got That Foam Topper

joke kitchen wife women Yahoo Answer Fails - 5724362240
Created by Unknown

Thanks, I Think?

Cleverbot joke not funny - 5342389760
Created by CGandy

Bots Have No Feelings

911 emotions independence day joke not funny - 3986159616
Created by Unknown

Anti-Joke Baktash

box IRL joke - 5243417344
Created by Dchipy

Better Than Santorum

joke knock knock Omegle rick roll - 4491214592
Created by Unknown

This is How You Remind Me of What a Bad Band They Are

best of week joke nickleback twitter - 6436462848
Created by Unknown


joke lemonparty text - 4223519488
Created by M.C.

Y so Sirius?

joke Memes siri - 6577439744
Created by Unknown
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