Art of Trolling


No One Can Be That Dumb, Right?

dumb idiots - 8193250816
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Titanic Introduced Me to This Hot New Singer Celine Dion

facebook idiots titanic wtf - 6154875136
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Show Off

facebook idiots nazis - 6146978304
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In MY Opinion...

facebook idiots opinion wtf - 6027533056
Created by Crowedog74

Someone Call the Grammar Police!

grammar language idiots funny g rated School of FAIL - 8063180032

Yeah, That's a Good Enough Reason

drunk twilight jerks idiots funny - 8449706240

Wonder How Many People Fell for This?

idiots - 6850237696
Created by misslinziann

Everyone Loves the Beard

wtf beard idiots funny g rated School of FAIL - 8188621824
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Omegle idiots genius - 6829121024
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Some people leave themselves open to attack.

facebook idiots - 7740689664
Created by abbytighe

Surely Cosmo Is Trolling

taylor swift wtf idiots - 6867058176

How to Make Your Co-Workers Look Like Idiots

work Office idiots printer - 7042080000

D: i just wanted to be friends...

idiots lord Mars meme Y U NO - 4111683072
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The Worst Way to Ask Your Boyfriend to Prom

not sure if clever or racist
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Reunited at Last

cheeks foot idiots Yahoo Answer Fails - 4419452160

Nottingham Gamer Mistakenly Spent £450 on a Photo of an Xbox One on eBay

gamers idiots news xbox one Video Game Coverage - 7939689472
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