Art of Trolling

i own a horse

It Is Dark.

help i own a horse male Omegle zork - 4464205056
Created by Unknown

I Know You All Hate This Too

hate i own a horse lol Omegle - 4414282752
Created by davelh

Use Only Four Words

facebook i own a horse - 4566137856
Created by ALIVELESS

Sauron Disconnects

attack i own a horse insult Lord of the Rings sauron - 4365977088
Created by Unknown

Seems to Work Everywhere

everywhere i own a horse Mormon Chat mormons - 4343473664
Created by TownIdiot25

Yeah, You Sounded More Like a Clydesdale Guy Anyway

asl i own a horse Omegle - 4364700928
Created by Unknown

Syaw Htob Skrow

backwards disconnect i own a horse Omegle - 4289051648
Created by Mo

Relevance Is a Little Pokey

gumby i own a horse puns - 4436240384
Created by akirakun9993


i own a horse master Omegle puzzles spelling - 4366110720
Created by Unknown

If Looks Could Kill

i own a horse Omegle Pokémon - 4927666688
Created by Unknown

So I Can't Disconnect?

horse i own a horse nope - 4791554816
Created by Unknown

Touche, Good Sir

i own a horse Mormon Chat sin trolled updog - 4670055424
Created by rosesbleedlove4u

All Hail Lord Dustin

dustin i own a horse its-true magnets milkshake - 4542072576
Created by ElliotMajor

Joseph Decreux on Omegle?

i own a horse Omegle - 4343142144
Created by Jobboman

Omegle Fun

Funny picture of a screen grab from Omegle of a stranger that takes his title of All Knowing Oracle, very seriously.
Created by Unknown


disconnect i own a horse Yahoo Answer Fails - 4460645632
Created by Unknown