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Babies creepy remote control horror Movie prank - 57654529

Prank Artist of the Day: Devil Baby Attacks New Yorkers

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Yahoo Answers: Make Sure To Watch Human Centipede At Bedtime!

Yahoo Answers fail of someone who asked about letting their 10 year old kid watch The Human Centipede.
By KittensForBreakfast

The Not So Hungry Caterpillar

horror movies the human centipede - 4917822720
By Alex (Via


bleeding creepy horror Kill It With Fire Omegle - 3776701184
By sonic_cherry
horror movies parody Video - 83202561

It Only Takes 16 Minutes to Cover Everything Wrong With 'Ouija'

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The Horror, The Horror

horror period bad idea - 4271185664
horror the office movies Video - 83600129

After Watching This Trailer Edit, You'll Wonder If the Office Wasn't Actually a Horror Movie the Whole Time

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Re-Trolled: Finally Some Recognition

horror justin bieber movies never say never Yahoo Answer Fails - 5259909632
By rowstring
horror trailers movies Video - 79837441

'Drain Babies' Is Sure to Become the Next Smash Horror Movie Hit

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Oh Man, When She Takes Off That Wig

films hannah montana horror Yahoo Answer Fails - 4607742720
By LostMyGate

That's the Face of the First to Die

movies justin bieber horror - 6637761792
By Unknown

The Annoying Oranges

horror imdb jersey shore - 5316096000
By Razo (Via