someone changed hollywood sign to read hollyweed
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We’re off to a great start.

The first, only, and by default, best public prank of 2017 is here. Around 3:30 am on New Year’s day, someone snuck up to the Hollywood sign, threw several carefully cut tarps over the two Os so that they would look like Es, and disappeared, like a ninja in a cloud of smoke. The sign read “Hollyweed" until 12:30pm, when Stacy Isroelit, a spokeswoman for the Hollywood Sign Trust said that the tarps would be taken down.

The New York Times reported that the prank may be referencing new legislation for legalized recreational marijuana use, but Isroelit said, “It looks more like a New Year’s Eve prank.”

The suspect is still at large. Who knows if they’ll attack other American icons, like putting a joint in Teddy Roosevelt's mouth on Mount Rushmore or making the Statue of Liberty’s torch look like a bong. You know, other weed stuff.

Celebrities and cartoon characters are attempting to distance themselves form the crime.

Whoever did it, thank you for getting this year off on the right foot.