Art of Trolling


It's springtime for hitler, and Germany, that's it. 


facebook god hitler - 6308414208
By Unknown

He'll be Remembered Forever

facebook hitler inspiration - 6490149376
By mootix

Really Struggling With Finding the Love Here

whoops Challenge Accepted wisdom quote hitler failbook - 8462575104

Darth Hitler

hitler star wars yahoo answers - 6632866304
By Unknown

The Worst Of Both Worlds!

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By TroIIerSkates

That Guy is an Hero!

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By TRex (Via

Holy Jebus

hitler mel gibson Yahoo Answer Fails - 4322263808
By Unknown
FAIL donald trump Video politics hitler - 78571777

These Voters Might Be Ready to Dump Trump and Pledge Support for... Hitler?

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Should Have Praised His Art

enemies facebook hitler - 6706827520
By raghav95nanda

Are You Really Surprised?

hitler obama what does the internet th - 6256993792
By Unknown

Literally Hitler

image trolling book Literally Hitler
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"It Was a Prank, Bro" -Hitler

pranks that went too far
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Re-Re-Trolled: Can't Tell if Trolled or Trolling

genius hitler suicide - 6104531712
By Unknown


facebook forever alone hitler suicide - 6163443968
By InsaneChibi

Why do you think Hitler was so pissed at them?

communism hitler nickelback Yahoo Answer Fails - 3438321152
By Unknown
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