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ideas and things that haven't been around for as long as people think | BetterThanHorus 40.1k points 13 hours ago 2 e 32 Hallways weren't widely used until 1800s. Rooms would just open into next room

Things That Are Way Newer Than People Think

Some junk is weirdly recent.
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Autotune, Macbooks, and More Autotune

beatles history macbook - 6973964800
By Unknown
history slavery Video video game - 25339905

Lincoln's the Villain

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tumblr history

Tumblr Teaches History Better Than Any Professor Ever Did

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I Knew It Was Real!

history movies netflix terminator - 6549645056
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The Real History of Music

Music history trolling - 8111837440
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Mighty Slim History, White People

books history IRL white people - 5470505472
By CorenceYo

Fire Zee Missiles

french history lol Yahoo Answer Fails - 4726456320
By Unknown

I've Got Lots of Time for Bananas

annoying facebook history - 5004709888
By Unknown

Does It Weigh the Same as a Duck?

assignment history squirrel Witches - 4844096256
By jmb12321

These Puns are Historical

history tumblr puns image - 8795182848
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