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Hillary Clinton

jimmy kimmel trolling Hillary Clinton Video politics - 79056897

Jimmy Kimmel Unleashed an Unfiltered Mansplanation at Hillary Clinton on Everything Clinton's Doing Wrong in Her Speeches

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Guys, Don't Worry, We're Living in the GOOD Timeline From 'Back to the Future'

back to the future timeline world series Guys, Don't Worry, We're Living in the GOOD Timeline From 'Back to the Future'
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stranger things parody Hillary Clinton Video - 82750209

Hillary Clinton Turns It up to Eleven

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Music Hillary Clinton Video politics - 82785025

Someone Got Inspired By Hillary's Shimmy and Wrote Her a New Campaign Song

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Are We Forgetting About Monica Lewinksy?

girl Hillary Clinton Omegle politics - 4923675648
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parody Hillary Clinton Video - 81964033

Hillary Clinton Has the Dankest Memes in Washington

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donald trump Hillary Clinton Video saturday night live politics - 83097089

SNL Didn't Have to Change Much to Parody the Most Recent Presidential Debate

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jokes about Mary J. Blige's interview with Hilary Clinton

People Can't Stop Making Fun of This Cringey Interview Promo Between Mary J. Blige and Hillary Clinton

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It Is a Rather Complicated Relationship

monica lewinskys ex boyfriends wife
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A Compelling Argument From Bill

political memes bill chose other women over hillary

I Stand With Bill

bill always chose someone other than hillary
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parody Hillary Clinton Video politics - 82787329

"Chillary" Clinton Just Wants to Reach the Young People by Any Means Necessary

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dancing Hillary Clinton clothes Video politics - 287239

Obviously a New York City Flash Mob of Dancing Pantsuits is For Hillary Clinton

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christmas elections donald trump parody Hillary Clinton Video politics - 315655

American Politics Has Just Been Encapsulated in This Edited Christmas Advertisement

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Is She Promising That We All Have to Wear Black?

Hillary Clinton politics - 8606814976
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twitter list donald trump Hillary Clinton president election 2016 politics - 609797

So, There's a Presidential Candidate Named "Deez Nuts" Who Has 9 Percent of the Vote in North Carolina So Far

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