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Can't Decide Which is Better

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Seniors at Santa Barbara High School Hire Mariachi Band to Follow Their Principal Around

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Maybe You Should Hustle as Hard as You Hate

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Looks Promising

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High School Prank With The Assist From Google Images For The Win

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Be Less Sucky! Problem Solved!

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A High School in Texas Executed a Nifty Onside Kick

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Half-Time Troll

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This Kid Is Smart

drugs high school weed funny g rated School of FAIL - 8472322816
By tamaleknight

Make Sure Your Bathing Suit Areas Are Ready for Inspection

trolling high school pranks funny - 8185217536
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There's a High School in South Korea Where Anything Goes When It Comes to Yearbook Photos

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Poured in the Cone: A Tale of Pranks, Douchebags, and Sweet, Sweet Justice

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By aslgal

At Least You Have Pizza

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It's a Breeze. A Hot, Horrible Breeze With Bits of Sulfur

image high school quote It's a Breeze. A Hot, Horrible Breeze With Bits of Sulfur
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