Art of Trolling

Harry Potter

Welcome to Hell

chamber of secrets Cleverbot gingers Harry Potter - 5356165888
By Unknown

Just the Important Parts

books Harry Potter shoppers beware title - 6388368384
By Pancakes23

Wanna Be On Top?

Harry Potter tumblr - 7752118528
By Unknown

My Favorite Movie Quote of All Time

dumbledore gandalf Harry Potter misquotes movies star wars - 4259185408
By Unknown

Says Trolldemort

dungeon Harry Potter voldemort - 4599127296
By TehLulBase

If You Only Knew the Power of the Dark Side

Harry Potter Lord of the Rings misquotes Star Trek star wars - 5064694272
By Unknown

I Can Into Fiction


We Must Get the Horcruxes to Mordor!

facebook Harry Potter Lord of the Rings - 5178804736
By keggymoo

Found this in my Nuclear Science book at School

school Harry Potter science - 6852623360
By Corporal_Brony_SpyCrabs

Mods Demand Fifteen Percent

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By Mew

The Best Sidekick!

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By Unknown

What a Deal!

Harry Potter IRL sale - 5098684672
By Unknown


forever alone Harry Potter books dating - 8377913088

Kids Can Be Awful Too Sometimes

Harry Potter kids magic parenting - 7913376768
By Unknown

How Bad Do You Want to Get to Hogwarts Though?

Via The Chive

Fus Ro Dah!

frodo Harry Potter Lord of the Rings facebook - 7732794880
By Unknown
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