Art of Trolling

Harry Potter

Oh My God Ginny, You Can't Just Ask Someone Why They Don't Have a Nose

crossover Harry Potter mean girls - 5681129984
Created by HaiThere

How Bad Do You Want to Get to Hogwarts Though?

Via The Chive

The disaster that must not be named

Harry Potter voldemort fire - 6740589568
Created by ptjjtp

You're Gonna Need a Magic Key to Open It

dumbledore Harry Potter IRL - 4640071168

Myrtle's Still Moaning In There

bathroom chamber of secrets Harry Potter IRL - 5507132928
Created by whatthe2899

Voldemort's Final Horcrux

Harry Potter voldemort calculator - 7145361408
Created by Amber_CM

Challenge Accepted, My Dear!

queen elizabeth bathrooms great britain cleaning Harry Potter england British - 7768992512

If You Only Knew the Power of the Dark Side

Harry Potter Lord of the Rings misquotes Star Trek star wars - 5064694272

Mm, Garlicy Pizza

facebook Harry Potter Memes owned twilight - 5754927360
Created by asherzxyz

Harry Botter

Harry Potter spells - 4239388160
Created by Alysa

Distant Cousins, Perhaps?

best of week Harry Potter wtf - 5192673536
Created by goooop00

Beware of Basilisk

chamber of secrets Harry Potter IRL sign - 5043289088

Welcome to Hell

chamber of secrets Cleverbot gingers Harry Potter - 5356165888

Or Hermione?

Harry Potter voldemort - 8267526400

We Must Get the Horcruxes to Mordor!

facebook Harry Potter Lord of the Rings - 5178804736
Created by keggymoo


Hall of Fame Harry Potter twilight vampires Yahoo Answer Fails - 3223290368
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