Art of Trolling


Just Pull It Out of Her Shower Drain

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Created by Unknown

An Ideal Christmas Gift

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Created by Unknown

Rude But Educational!

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Created by MarshallMathers

Fabulous Enough for a God

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Via hansthegerman

Can't Stop Hulkimania BROTHER!

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Created by PiercedTeddyBear
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Are You Having a Bad Hair Day or Do You Just Want to Make America Great Again?

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Created by Unknown


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Created by anwill08

Can't Tell If Satire

women rocking man buns
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Teen Wolf Three?

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Created by Unknown

Scanty hair!

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Created by pecosdave ( Via )

You'll Hairdly Notice, Just Beardly

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Created by iMoogle

Removed Hair and Dignity Easily

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Via CatLaydy
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Sniff It First

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She's Still True to Her Roots

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Created by loverofcomedy

Snail Trail

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Created by Unknown
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