Art of Trolling


Do You Really Want That Weight on Your Soul?

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Invading People's Space at the Gym

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Gotta Get That French Fry Figure!

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I See You're All Trying to Lose Weight...

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Gym Troll

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Eating Junk Food at the Gym: Make Progress While You Lose Progress!

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The Grim Gym

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Meet the Treadmill That Makes Fun of You While You Run

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Champion Women's Muay Thai Fighter Dresses Like a Nerd at a Local Gym, Wrecks Everyone

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Look What I Can Do!

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Getting In Can Be Puzzling

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Disregard Everything, Acquire Scarves

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"Yeah, I Get Into It. So What?"

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Music to Get Ripped To


Dudes Better Be Sprinting out That Last Lap

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You Know You Want To...

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