Art of Trolling


Mr. Bear Is Impressed

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By undeadhobo
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Don't Even Front, You'd Freak Right Out at This Tongue Piercing Prank

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Let's Hold Hands

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By Unknown

Wow, I Hope Not

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By Unknown
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The Rare Toilet Whale

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By Unknown

Your Own Body is Your Body's Best Defense

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By Unknown

Dirty Money

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By Unknown
Chat Roulette goatse gross shock sites Video - 20447233

Classic: The Hell Was That First Guy Doing?

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By Unknown

Classic: So Delicious

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By Unknown

Bring Cookies for Dipping

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By Unknown
weird cursed images

Strange and Cursed Images To Feel Weird About

Oh, good. Yikes.
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Make Sure to Clear Your Bedpost Regularly

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By herpedyderpedy

Real Recipe or Cruel Prank?

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Via jjrob96

Dr Wiley finally gets on Chatroulette

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By patril0mic