Art of Trolling


Donkeys or Your Mom?

IRL signs graffiti trucks - 8284030720
Via stealthysteel

The Future's D-cided

Bathroom Graffiti bathroom stall graffiti the future - 7427236096
Created by freshbru

Yes, That is a Giant Dong Spraypainted on the Hood of a 1.5 Million Dollar Bugatti Veyron

graffiti - 8342193664
Via London Evening Standard

The Student Has Become the Master

student graffiti questions - 7082817280
red graffiti vandalism - 558597

Red: The Story of One Painter's Grief and Suffering

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Maybe Not Like This Though...

Music hanging graffiti - 8391532800

I'm Not Gonna Lie: That's Impressive

arts college farts graffiti school - 7925748224

Bathroom Wisdom, and Cynicism

Via Anus_Plunger

Stay in School!

graffiti vandalism - 7892546048

Put on Your Papal Vestments and Dance With Me

pope graffiti david bowie - 7062544896

Heard of Seven Minutes in Heaven?


Vandals Always Ask the Tough Questions

graffiti - 8025264128

Steve at 4:20 Lolololololololol

bathrooms graffiti vandalism - 8377820160

College Doodles

drugs graffiti - 8438496000

Signed, 'The 99 Percent'

planes graffiti - 7667693824

Graffiti Artist Has His Stencil Removed, Re-Does It Depicting the Stencil Remover

graffiti spray paint vandalism - 7688425216
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