Art of Trolling


The Student Has Become the Master

student graffiti questions - 7082817280
By Unknown

I Sprayed My Heart Out to You!

Awkward dating graffiti marriage proposals popping the question - 8360593920

Now, Now. You Can Vandalize Property Without Using Cuss Words!

graffiti - 7865180928
By Unknown

I'm Not Gonna Lie: That's Impressive

arts college farts graffiti school - 7925748224
By Unknown

Re-Trolled: I Would Have Gone for Didn, Personally

caught graffiti IRL - 6238220288
By GrimlockFett

Deposit Cookies in the Proper Receptacle

recycling graffiti cookies Deposit Cookies in the Proper Receptacle
Via gotemyey

The Exclusive Route of the Pen 15 Club

Via ketchuppacket

Steve at 4:20 Lolololololololol

bathrooms graffiti vandalism - 8377820160

The Art Of Failure

art trolling graffiti - 8970473984
By Luchabro

Like Bashing Your Head Against a Wall

awesome graffiti IRL trololol - 5054738944
By Unknown

Yes, That is a Giant Dong Spraypainted on the Hood of a 1.5 Million Dollar Bugatti Veyron

graffiti - 8342193664
Via London Evening Standard

Writer's Block

graffiti vandalism - 8232876544

Maybe if you could spell...

IRL graffiti spelling - 6721134848
By Unknown

Get Over It, Grosse Pointe!

graffiti - 7835375360
By Unknown

Swiss Vandals Have Perfect Timing

gif graffiti vandalism - 8022885632
By Unknown

Maybe Not Like This Though...

Music hanging graffiti - 8391532800
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