Art of Trolling


I knew it was a real place!

google Maps surprise - 3506751488
Created by Unknown

When Google Gives You Lemons

easter eggs facebook google lemon party shock sites - 5587298304
Created by mych3mi

Meanwhile in Canada

dogs google Maps pooptimes - 6247799040
Created by Teh.Jpmc

Oh Google, You Know Me so Well

did you mean google suggestions - 4435528704
Created by CrissCrossGal

Oh Hey Justine

girl google hair justin bieber - 4785524224
Created by zoomtek

Wherever You Were About to Say, the Answer Is No

bad google scary - 4932229376
Created by Unknown

The World I've Dreamed Of

bomb google images justin bieber - 4477447680
Created by Biozorex

Trolled By Google Maps

China google Japan Maps - 4114966528
Created by Unknown

Placement is Critical

autocomplete google How To search suggestions - 5974390272
Created by Memerol

He Just Crashes Right Through

auto complete dinosaur google jesus search - 5815821568
Created by Unknown

No Trolls Required

Father google Omegle trolls - 4465487616
Created by Ironcymru

Yes, But You Go to Canadian Heaven

heaven real life canadian google - 6991163392
Created by Unknown

Sweet Pecs, Bro

google images miley cyrus - 5235419904
Created by Unknown

Do It! I Promise It's Not Bad!

awesome best of week google - 5390208256
Created by Unknown

Man, Myspace is Going to Be Really Mad About This

ebay google Mark Zuckerberg misquotes - 6003425280
Created by jpatch

Well, Thanks Google

funny memes what do hedgehogs eat
Via eating-ass
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