Art of Trolling


mark malkoff youtube funny Video google new york city - 50777089

Mark Malkoff Convinces People That His Crappy Gaming Headset from the '90s is Google Glass

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trumps towers funny name change

Some Brave Soul at Google Renamed Trump Tower, 'Dump Tower' on Google Maps

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Heil Google

FAIL google hitler jews - 4731868672
By endworld666

Can't Tell If Trolling or I Should Move to the Moon

auto complete google search wtf - 5174450944
By stadgroningen

I dunt trust googel

are you kidding me google - 7204622336
By PinkiePie1

It Knows Lady Gaga Well

google translate win - 4948507904
By Joadiogoborges

People Search for What Really Matters

google search fapping google - 8315010816

On the Contrary

FAIL google - 6143331072
By Brookryn_Rage

Classic Troogle: That Sounds Naughty

google - 4699249408
By alycat712

When You See It, Head Down Shaft Road

google map p3n0r that looks naughty - 5748711936
By NikolaiKrstic

Did Google Give You a Bad Translation or Something?

facebook goatse google shock sites weird - 4951235072
By Ajiryn

Sweet Pecs, Bro

google images miley cyrus - 5235419904
By Unknown

Sweet Zoidberg Have Mercy

Aliens france google Maps wtf - 5533415936
By AustinVH (Via

Oh Hey Justine

girl google hair justin bieber - 4785524224
By zoomtek

Google Has Sentient Irony

peta google - 6670055168
By wrightri
april fools google google maps Video - 36248065

The Best of April Fools: 8 Whole Bits?

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