Art of Trolling


Oh Google, You so Borky!

google language muppets - 5977044736
Created by bullboy284

Lookin Through My Goggles

cracked google spelling Yahoo Answer Fails - 5041975296
Created by rokas1997 ( Via )

Doin the Googles

facebook google Memes search engines - 4532759040
Created by djkatscan

The Fixed Yosemite Google Doodle

google monday thru friday g rated - 7831528448
Created by Unknown

Good Question

facebook google question - 4269639936
Created by Unknown


black car google racism white - 4202478080
Created by Unknown
april fools google google maps Video - 36248065

The Best of April Fools: 8 Whole Bits?

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If Only It Was That Easy

boyfriend google - 7020143104
Created by Unknown

Google Knows What's on Our Minds

microwaves google - 7901523456
Created by Unknown


google Pokémon - 4019190016
Created by Unknown

Can't Tell If Trolling or I Should Move to the Moon

auto complete google search wtf - 5174450944
Created by stadgroningen

Re-Trolled: I Always Feel Like Google Is Trolling Me

censored google google maps - 5700513024
Created by Vintage_Squid

It's Time Someone Started Asking the Tough Questions

Canada xkcd google - 7651685376
Created by Unknown

When Google Gives You Lemons

easter eggs facebook google lemon party shock sites - 5587298304
Created by mych3mi

Heil Google

FAIL google hitler jews - 4731868672
Created by endworld666

He's Got Quite the Appetite

auto complete google noms - 5846732288
Created by Unknown
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