Art of Trolling


I'd Drive a Fordrari

bing ford google logos UPS visa wal mart - 4900670720
Via I'm Just Creative
smartphones google - 62598401

This Google Commercial Confuses Your Phone

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Unicorns Can Type?

auto complete google voldemort - 5844043008
Created by sirtrololo

Close Enough

did you mean google - 6726085376
Created by Unknown

Sounds Cozy

bin Laden google osama reviews - 4717732096
Created by Unknown

Some People Ask the Tough Questions

obama thanks obama autocomplete google - 7982554368
Created by Unknown

Congratulations on Your Departure

circles disease google google plus job - 4983681536
Created by everydayimmuffinin

Doin the Googles

facebook google Memes search engines - 4532759040
Created by djkatscan

Lookin Through My Goggles

cracked google spelling Yahoo Answer Fails - 5041975296
Created by rokas1997 ( Via )

Oh Google, You so Borky!

google language muppets - 5977044736
Created by bullboy284

High School Prank With The Assist From Google Images For The Win

Via TerryAndYourWife

Some People Ask the Tough Questions


Quit Yankin' Our Chain!

Weird Al Yankovic google - 7360806656
Created by Unknown

At Least It Isn't Throwing Cocounts

google search suggestions velociraptor - 5527377152
Created by Unknown

Humble Google

google translate - 6582040832
Created by Unknown

This Fact Crosses the Language Barrier

flake and gray gay google justin bieber obviously - 4519021568
Created by la_lonja
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