Art of Trolling



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Created by Unknown

How to Raise a Floozy

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Created by Cattzs

Shiny and New!

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Created by M.Bridge


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Get Wasted and Hook Up With a Random Dude Responsibly!

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Too Puckered; Didn't Read

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Created by geoissecret

You'll Hairdly Notice, Just Beardly

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Created by iMoogle

Girls Can Be a Bit Complicated

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Created by freshbru

How big is to big

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Created by sibley


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I Don't Even Recognize Myself!

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Gotta Check the Melons for Ripeness

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Created by Unknown

How to Out Yourself

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Created by pecosdave ( Via )

Silence is Golden

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Created by biznob

Parenting Fails: Father Knows Best

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How Special Are We Talking?

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Created by Unknown
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