Art of Trolling


Too Soon?

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By Mortuaryjoe
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IRL Troll: Trolling Hysteric Girls

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Gotta Check the Melons for Ripeness

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By Unknown

I Don't Want to Beat Around the Bush

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By fishyfish90

How to Catch a White Girl

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Via Tastefully Offensive

Chump Gamer Tries to Expose a "Fake Geek Girl" and Receives the Best Responses

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Via cristaly


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By Unknown


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By Unknown

I Don't Even Recognize Myself!

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By Unknown

Get Wasted and Hook Up With a Random Dude Responsibly!

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Ugh That Is So Rude!

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By JayLikesRealCoffee

Rubbed the Wrong Way

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By Unknown

Girls Can Be a Bit Complicated

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By freshbru

How Special Are We Talking?

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By Unknown

"I Dropped My Towel..."

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By Unknown

Looks Promising

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By Unknown
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