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It Better Have Bacon In It

delicious dirty talk girlfriend sandwich Yahoo Answer Fails - 3776813824

Make sure there's bacon on it!

bacon boyfriend comeback girlfriend Hall of Fame kitchen sandwich sexism women Yahoo Answer Fails - 3458420736
Created by iamthebeekman!

Who Could Be So Selfish

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Created by Unknown

Dad Picked Up the Split With That Joke

dad jokes girlfriend failbook - 8172261376
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girlfriend herpes pole stripper - 3270480128


fire girlfriend relationships - 4102140160

Is that a roll of quarters in your pocket?

girlfriend touch - 3594569472
Created by Defab


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Created by Pedobear


call of duty girlfriend - 3949059584
Created by Cameron
boyfriend scary relationship girlfriend pranks dating - 279303

Dude Takes His Bedroom Pranks to a Level No Girlfriend Can Handle

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Man Seeking Woman (With No Knowledge of Common Poisons)

relationships girlfriend rip - 8435715328
Created by TenToedPete

A ART. Get Her Back to the Kitchen

cake girlfriend IRL trolling - 4824459008
Created by Unknown

Thanks, I'll Get Right on That

Sexy Ladies bra comments girlfriend - 6806272768
Via Wiki Answers

I'm NOT PMS-ing

girlfriend relationships Yahoo Answer Fails - 4438417664
Created by C. Cass
ghosts girlfriend trolltube - 52252673

Guy Freaks the Hell Out of His Girlfriend Using a Paper Mache Ring Ghost

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Trolling My Girlfriend

whining girlfriend funny - 6027754752
Created by Harblar
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