Art of Trolling


Make sure there's bacon on it!

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Created by iamthebeekman!

Naughty Little Bike

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Created by Sarah


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Created by Cameron
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When Your GF Wants to Spice Up Your Game

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Don't Be a Meanface, Andrew!

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Problem Solved

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Created by MegaBarneyBoo

One Minute in Heaven

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Created by SuperDuperTails ( Via cheezburger - yahoo answers )

Easter Is Coming

girlfriend - 7103948032

How to Ruin a Life

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Created by prop

It's only a bad idea if your GF is home

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Created by bryce
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Nothing's Going to Happen

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Created by Unknown
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Guy Freaks the Hell Out of His Girlfriend Using a Paper Mache Ring Ghost

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Who Could Be So Selfish

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Created by Unknown

With Age Comes Great Wisdom

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Created by freshbru

I Know When My Hand Is Clean

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Created by haggai
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