Art of Trolling


That Is a Mighty Cute Giraffe

awesome drawing giraffes test win - 4997085952
By -Ghost-

Keep your head up

facebook giraffes truth - 6383375616
By biznob

What? I Like to Have a Good Time, So Zoo Me!

bars giraffes - 8371277568

You've Got an Awfully Long Neck

cover photo facebook giraffes timeline - 6003800832
By Unknown

Pretty Clear He Learned How To Use a Stapler?

Picture of a sign that has been posted for a missing giraffe, along with the same sign also posted very high up on a telephone pole.
By muench

Some People Just Don't Appreciate a Good Pun

funny memes giraffeic park
Via itrevormoore
costume vine Video giraffes - 212231

Say, "Colorado"!

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They Have Such Knobby Knees

auto complete balls giraffes google - 6140459520
By Jelle161994 (Via Art of Trolling)

Tell Me More!

facebook giraffes that sounds naughty i gue - 6546767360
By Unknown

Something Seems Wrong With This Picture

giraffes IRL lion zoo - 4659204096

IRL Troll: I Wanna See the Other 30 Boxes!

boxes dominos fight giraffes IRL pizza unicorn - 4395927296
By Unknown

But Those Eyes

baby facebook giraffes pedobear young - 5305738240
By MrDoctorAwesome

Nice Neck Though

giraffes IRL pizza special instructions unicorn - 5103087104
By Unknown