Art of Trolling


"You Thought You Could Stop Me?"


Mom I'm Ready for the NBA!

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Your Selfies Are Very, VERY Not Metal

Music gifs concert selfie burn fail nation - 8404605696
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Fooled You!

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How to Guarantee Getting Laid

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I'm Not Gonna Kill the Guy Who Shows Me Kindness

chainsaw gifs IRL Memes murder - 6276080896
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Naw, I Don't Want You Coming Up Here

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By anselmbe

This is What Friends Are For

friends gifs pranks - 8098849280
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Nope, Not Gonna Happen

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Woop! Woop! Woop! Woop! Woop!

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Karma Strikes Again

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By ToolBee

Who Needs Friends?

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This Kid Fake Cried So He Could Get a Hug From Nicki Minaj


I Knew It Sounded Familiar!

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Where'd Dinner Go?

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