Art of Trolling


Happy and gay all day long. Love yourself and enjoy all the upbeat humor you can handle.


escape gay m or f slave trap - 4177142016

Trolloling: How to Make Guys Gay

Troll photo of girl who shows this pic to guys to try and make them go gay.
Created by kimbesse

First Time Virgin, Long Time Male

confused gay male sexytime virgin Yahoo Answer Fails - 4343419648
Created by Unknown

Oh, They're Saying CLOCKS

clocks gay masturbation Music Omegle - 4437840896
Created by Rob0tSecks

This is the Way I am Now, Just Accept It

coming out tumblr gay - 8381412352


gay Yahoo Answer Fails - 3230023424
Created by karen

"Coming Out"

ants gay - 7097497088
Created by Unknown

She Gave You the Disease

gay hand lesbian touch Yahoo Answer Fails - 5491686656
Created by Unknown

Chuckie Cheese

chuck e cheese yahoo answers gay - 6651164928

Please, Like They Would Be Caught Dead

obvious troll on yahoo answers who asks about the clowns that hide from gay people at walmart

Maybe she is?

Chat Roulette gay sign - 3404586752

Can't Tell If Trolling or Seeking Equal Rights

best of week daddy gay IRL - 5141380608
Created by Unknown


facebook gay homosecks - 6331573504
Created by muttonhead_mills


Bieber gay - 4061216512
Created by Balmarog

I Always Knew She Was a Hag

gay IRL jesus Protest rights sign - 5042948608
Created by imnotjarry

Breaking Bed

breaking bad gay youtube - 6591339776
Created by Unknown
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