Art of Trolling


Happy and gay all day long. Love yourself and enjoy all the upbeat humor you can handle.

Which Answer Can I Take!?

FRIDAY garbage gay justin bieber never say never Yahoo Answer Fails - 4636850944
By Over600Pokemon

Oh, They're Saying CLOCKS

clocks gay masturbation Music Omegle - 4437840896
By Unknown

Joke's on You; I'm Never Growing Up

gay - 6527074816
By Unknown

Can't Tell If Trolling or Seeking Equal Rights

best of week daddy gay IRL - 5141380608
By James Hunter

Someone Should Tell Him "Sagittarius" Starts With an "S," Not an "F"

facebook gay - 6415938304
By Unknown

Best. Idea. Ever.

game show facebook gay - 7041713408
By Unknown

Try To Have Sex With Them, Duh

dogs gay pets sexy times Yahoo Answer Fails - 3809383936
By Unknown


fake flake and gray gay google shopped - 4223119360
By JonathanSM


daddy Father gay maury - 4092226560
By Unknown

We Don't Ask, He Doesn't Tell

facebook gay soldier wtf - 5561127936
By Kbral87

So, About That Milk Man

chicken gay racism Yahoo Answer Fails - 4892523776
By Eeik5150 (Via

We Don't Make Our Own Babies, Either

gay sandwiches Yahoo Answer Fai Yahoo Answer Fails - 6296294912
By Dazzaway (Via

Guess Who Got a New Truck

new gay truck pr0n bumber sticker - 6843140352
By Unknown

Psychological Word Search

word search gay - 6937772800
By Unknown

Inside Man

gay mormon Mormon Chat - 4393295616
By Lawson

Cryptic Cleverbot

epic gay justin bieber - 4146531072
By TheFixxxer
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