Art of Trolling


Happy and gay all day long. Love yourself and enjoy all the upbeat humor you can handle.

The secret is out!

gay justin bieber men secret - 3373658624
Created by lizzay

Please, Like They Would Be Caught Dead

obvious troll on yahoo answers who asks about the clowns that hide from gay people at walmart

We Don't Ask, He Doesn't Tell

facebook gay soldier wtf - 5561127936
Created by Kbral87

Never Gonna Understand

gay Omegle rick roll - 4278446848
Created by Cattzs


facebook gay homosecks - 6331573504
Created by muttonhead_mills

All Potted Up

news gay - 6866828800
Created by Unknown


creepy female gay male multiple choice Omegle - 3756233472
Created by Katya

That Wry Smile

facebook gay human - 5213573376
Created by Unknown


adult entertainment gay Video - 3321801728
Created by Jason

Oh, They're Saying CLOCKS

clocks gay masturbation Music Omegle - 4437840896
Created by Rob0tSecks

Fail Troll

FAIL gay jk man story - 4224631808
Created by Sammysam

Step 1: Acquire a Closet

coming out closet gay - 7683555328

Rave Review!

amazon review gay homosexuality - 6989240832
Created by CPONY4187

I Have Bad News

burning gay penis sexytime Yahoo Answer Fails - 4327705344
Created by Unknown

Just a Fungi

fun gay guy Omegle typo - 4366548224
Created by Dexter

Gay Serial Killer

dating gay serial killer television women Yahoo Answer Fails - 4597327616
Created by amncarter77
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