Art of Trolling

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So Much for That New Year's Resolution

gym apps exercise iphone failbook g rated - 8426097152
Via jreenfin

Thonbs Wamtart!

drunk Walmart failbook g rated - 7836487936
Created by Unknown

Service You Can Trust

monday thru friday g rated - 8197005824

I Hear He Used to Drive a Snow Plow

clever the simpsons failbook g rated - 8449076992
Created by Unknown

If Only We Could All be Like This Pizza

twitter pizza puns failbook g rated - 8385596672
Via Acid Cow


relationships microwaves dating failbook g rated - 7642436864
Created by SweetShelbi

Blockbuster Tweeted the Last Rental From Its Last Store on Its Last Night, And the Customers' Selection Was Quite Appropriate

movies failbook g rated - 7896646144
Created by Unknown
trolling photoshop prank Video g rated win trolltube - 51171841

Prank Wizards "Photoshop" Pedestrians on the Go

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Thought I Was Proposing, Did You?

marriage proposal wedding dating fails g rated - 7303447552
Created by Unknown

Phantom Body Syndrome

trolling sleeping surgery failbook g rated - 7456469248
Created by Unknown
trolltube Arnold Schwarzenegger g rated win - 57834753

Meet Arnold Schwa- Err... Howard Kleiner, Just Your Average Gold's Gym Employee

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This is Almost Too Evil...

ikea monday thru friday g rated - 7534469888
Created by Unknown

Your Lease is Up!

pregnancy parenting g rated - 8058200064
Created by Unknown

My Achy Breaky Heart-Shaped Box...

Billy Ray Cyrus kurt cobain Music trolling failbook g rated - 8190496256
Created by kaseylette17

But the Science! It Calls to Me!

science g rated monday thru friday - 7934540544
Created by Unknown

Lose the Rage, Gain the Cage

class school nicolas cage g rated School of FAIL - 7885838336
Created by Unknown
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