Art of Trolling


Troll if You Agree

trolling statuses funny - 5625452032
By ReviledSodomite

Go Ahead, Do It

bad idea funny the ring scary wtf g rated dating - 8096665344
By Unknown

Well, You're Not Wrong...

Photo of a question on a test exam of 'What ended in 1806?' to which the student answered '1805' - which is 100% accurate.
By Unknown

Fan of Daryl Dixon?

daryl dixon norman reedus funny The Walking Dead - 7534568704
By Unknown

Oh Kenji, You Dirty Dawg

Via mattstaff

Find the Size of the Shaft

determine the shaft of a tall dildo
Via Torched90

well at least they said sorry...

car crash car accident funny - 6749146624
By cabowabo155

There! I Think I Saw a Buzzword Over There!

gluten free funny - 7516086784
By Unknown

The All Knowing Random One

Omegle 42 funny - 4235000064
By Gasperius

I'll Take "Old Dudes Who Are Mad" for $1,000,000

u mad bro funny - 7489706752
By Unknown

You See, There's Water, And Then Underneath It, There's a Graveyard...

tumblr funny - 7455992320
By Unknown
twitter star wars FAIL list Memes funny - 1249029

Vox Chose the Worst Title for a Star Wars Review Possible and Now Everyone Else Is Parodying Them With #VoxtheMovies

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Why Yes, Officer, You Can See My License

funny id IRL license - 5688978432
By betweensixandfiftycharacters

There's a Reason For Renovations Everyone Can Understand

funny win sign motel renovations due to spider
Via admiralskippy

Break Out the Maple Syrup!

hockey NHL green man funny waffles - 7439284736
By Unknown
imaginary useless inventions that a bored Elon Musk might want to consider

25 Brilliantly Outlandish Inventions by Bored Elon Musk

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