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sports teams logo parodies

Other Sports Teams Are Seizing the Chance to Further Roast the San Diego Chargers New Logo on Twitter

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You Don't Say!

you dont say calculator math funny - 7518618112
By Unknown

How to Troll Ants

gif sharpie marker ants funny - 7443999488
By Unknown

Warheads Facts

satan funny - 7439776512
By 10311k (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)
pictures of conversation between guy who rejects girl on tinder who has a massive meltdown | Hey 31 May 2016 Good morning hope u have great day! 1 June 2016 Do u not wanna talk Good morning Hi Samantha, sorry started seeing someone around time matched don't want lead on yesterday Oh 's cool so sorry messaged u mean would love get know u sometime sorry wasn't worth | Psh only reason why people match with u is cuz ur good looking if u weren't then prob no one would match with u Oh wait lol prob ug

Guy Politely Rejects Girl On Tinder, She Has Aggressive Meltdown

Not everyone takes rejection well
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funny mad lads who broke small rules and did tricky shenanigans | rev. dylan @DylanRoss my 11 year ban yahoo chess expires today Rnnme Dlavare Nnline Fallure Connect EDIT have failed connect following reason have been barred logging into this room until Thu Dec 31 23:59:59 PST 2020. oms rom this lis OK Giraffe Field

Mad Lads Who Didn't Let The World Get In Their Way

Sometimes you've gotta risk it all.
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art of trolling 4chan funny - 1384965

User Tells the Story of His Grandmother's Quest to Get Her Car Back

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Ambiguity is the Key

Omegle funny asl - 7437426432
By Unknown
failbook funny - 50348801

Three Guys Give Abercrombie & Fitch a Brand Re-Adjustment by Giving Their Clothes to the Homeless

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Thanks for the Help, Smartass

phone numbers funny - 4915169536
By Unknown

This Looks Like the Place

time to have some intercourse with a near stranger,
Via Brown Cardigan

Everyone Loves the Beard

wtf beard idiots funny g rated School of FAIL - 8188621824
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This is What Love Looks Like

unicorn love funny - 8318793984
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guy recreates girl's tinder photos

This Australian Guy Recreates Women's Tinder Profile Pics With Hilarious Results

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Boss demands new password and employee makes it impossible to type | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/foobar754 17 hours ago Just change password and write down Sure thing. oc s Back working at small company company didn't really have ton support staff so take break various programming tasks doing and would help out manager support team completely unqualified and basically got job because he also head sales and customer facing team

Lazy Boss Demands Password Change, Gets Incomprehensible Password

Be specific.
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A Plunderful Book Arrangement

funny uranus - 7455837184
By Unknown
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