Art of Trolling


funny fake animal facts

A Comedian Planted Fake Animal Facts All Over the LA Zoo and They Are Hilarious

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Diane Finally Gets It

weight loss you dont say funny - 6015508736
Created by disizdawg
trolling and stringing a nigerian scammer along

Things Got Real Out of Hand When This Person Trolled a Nigerian Scammer For a Very Long Time

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dad trolls wife by pretending he gave their son a bad haircut

Mischievous Husband Trolls Wife Into Hysterical Rage With Amazing Use of Photoshop

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Bad Translator inigo montoya funny - 7073512448
Created by Rocky Horrible

Scratch It OOOOOOOOOOH Hell Ya!

youtube lion king funny - 7541837568
Created by Unknown
puns, punny memes, corny jokes, funny memes, funny, memes, dad jokes, stupid memes, dumb humor | Write name reverse s demon name. People named Hannah Maybe lam Demon Vision | would like steak cooked sir? Can guess? Medium rare PunHubOnline Well done. Pun hub

32 Pun-Filled Memes And Corny Jokes

Pleasantly punny content
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Just Gonna Get a Soda and OH GOD WHAT IS THAT?

pepsi furby vending machine funny - 7518251264
Created by Unknown

Gangnam is a "Four-Letter" Word

bad words banned gangnam style funny - 7459557376
Created by Unknown


face funny - 3336264704
Created by Unknown

There is No Need to Be Upset

nicolas cage funny - 7462083072
Created by Unknown
Funny Christian hip-hop video, cringe videos, christianity, evangelists, televangelists | Y'all... Come look at this | This dude said f a moonwalk lemme hit the disciple slide!

Vintage Christian Hip-Hop Performance Brings The Cringe

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Trolling My Girlfriend

whining girlfriend funny - 6027754752
Created by Harblar

Now They're Just Getting Mean

beer sign ex girlfriend funny - 8307178240
Via Harvest Heart


Cleverbot combo breaker funny - 7029330944
Created by Unknown

There Are a Bunch of Different Ways

spelling funny - 7480674304
Created by Unknown
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