Art of Trolling


So, Did You Tip?

fry IRL meme server tip waiter - 6028736000
Created by CHANZOiDS

I Saw Luke Skywalker Looking at Them!

cant tell if trolling facebook fry kids - 5042506496
Created by PhoxyGamer

Even the internet is afraid to say no

fry kim jong-un positive what does the internet think - 6108233728
Created by HEC

Can't Tell If Hair or Fried Potatoes

food fry wolfram alpha - 5508222720
Created by psycore

I See What You Did There

Ad fry futurama - 4243031808
Created by Unknown


cant tell if trolling fry Stephen Fry - 6255616256
Created by Unknown

I'd Like It Thick Cut, Sistah

fry IRL pan - 5305358848
Created by ramos.joli

Sounds Too Much Like Godzilla

cant tell if trolling fry god Yahoo Answer Fails - 5103981568
Created by TrollingGrimmjow

Shut Up and Take My Magnetized Plastic!

credit card fry shoppers beware shut up and take my money - 6215873280
Created by Unknown

Not Sure If Trolling Or Just Protecting

fry lemon party shock sites - 5090944256
Created by TonyC1906

Make Sure You Check As You Roll Through the Intersection

fry IRL legal stop sign - 5148316416
Created by thunder176

Need a New Sign?

fry IRL sign why not zoidberg - 6476893696
Created by m34tp4ddy

Retrolled: Stephen Fry takes over

fry Stephen Fry - 6266537472
Created by ulkesh12

They See Me Trollinh, They Hatig

fry fry squint trolling - 5379839232
Created by Unknown

Either Way, I'm Going to Try to Get It Off

hair fry - 7078085376
Created by Unknown