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Newsflash: Friends are Friends!

facebook friends photos - 6682202880
Created by whackamoletime

Slim Pickins

Cleverbot crushes friends legs puns rude ugly - 4522342400
Created by Unknown

If You Let Your Friends Get Their Hands on Your Phone, You're Gonna Have a Bad Time

best friends friends phones texting - 8160518400

I Hate My Friends

are you kidding me friends - 7186214400
Created by Unknown

A Fulfilling Friendship

cannibalism Cleverbot eating friends - 4510916608
Created by crazysteve10790

Friends Are A-Holes Sometimes

gif best friends friends - 7887107584
Created by Unknown

How a Pun Lover Finds Their Soulmate

forever alone sign friends puns - 8437483008
Via SuperCub
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The Gang's All Here

image friends imagination The Gang's All Here
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How to Win Lovers and Troll People

facebook forever alone friends relationships - 4495718400
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Cleverbot friends milk - 5023899904
Created by Dr.Pepper135

IRL Troll Science: Problem, Gravity?

friends Gravity IRL troll science walls - 4272321024
Created by Batcommander

Jethro Tull Would Be Proud

dumb friends Music Yahoo Answer Fails - 4631629568
Created by fritomoonpie

Friendzone Level: Cleverbot

Cleverbot forever alone friends like - 6039658496
Created by cablez0r

I'm Still Having Fun With This

friends facebook - 7020670720
Created by Taya990

Punctuation is so mainstream

facebook friends hate hipsters love mainstream punctuation - 4427601408
Created by Vrrtep
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