Art of Trolling


Looks Promising

advice dress friends girls high school - 4175623168
By Unknown

I was playing Anodyne and walked up to a rock to see what it said...

forever alone rock friends video game - 7055480320
By iWaddle (Via Newgrounds)

That's What Friends Are For

Music friends nickelback facebook - 6954661120
By Unknown

A Fulfilling Friendship

cannibalism Cleverbot eating friends - 4510916608
By crazysteve10790

The Gang's All Here

image friends imagination The Gang's All Here
Via hilarious.ted

I Hate My Friends

best friends hospital friends sick - 7704802816
By Unknown

Photoshopping My Friend's Photos

facebook friends photoshop - 4627496960

This is What Friends Are For

friends gifs pranks - 8098849280
By Unknown

How a Pun Lover Finds Their Soulmate

forever alone sign friends puns - 8437483008
Via SuperCub

Slim Pickins

Cleverbot crushes friends legs puns rude ugly - 4522342400
By Unknown

I'm Still Having Fun With This

friends facebook - 7020670720
By Taya990

There Whenever You Need Them!

facebook friends - 5685137920
By jaymorock98

So....Is He?

friends hitler jesus neighbors son - 4640103936
By Unknown

But...I Thought We Were Friends...

Sad friends Cleverbot Okay - 6999544832
By nabeshin216

Punctuation is so mainstream

facebook friends hate hipsters love mainstream punctuation - 4427601408
By Vrrtep

WW2 troll

friends Germany world war II - 4200701184
By Unknown
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