Art of Trolling

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IRL Troll: Musta Broke Free

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By Unknown

No Way, Microsoft

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It's a Miracle!

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Sorry, Microsoft...

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I Know This Because I Can See the Future

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By Unknown

Mario's Fortune Cookie

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Reconnecting With an Old Flame

forever alone relationships fortune cookies dating - 7951320320
By mercuryfalling

Mario's Fortune Cookie

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By Unknown

Fortune not so good...

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By erhelm (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Just What Are You Trying to Tell Me?

if you know what i mean fortune cookies fortune - 7346669056
Via Reddit

If There Was Any Way to Make Me Feel Worse, You've Done It, Fortune Cookie

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By Unknown

But... But...


The Rare Fortune That's Actually True

reading fortunes fortune cookies - 7852437760
By Unknown

Such is Life

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By Unknown

Thanks for the Advice, Fortune Cookie!

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