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forever alone

Omegle Alone

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Created by LlamaPeluche

For Ever and Ever

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Created by Unknown

Forever Alone... RIP

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Via bitchycode


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Created by InsaneChibi

Admirable Reasons

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Created by Unknown

Even the Lord Turned His Back on Me

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Created by Unknown

I Know When My Hand Is Clean

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Created by haggai

Walmart's There for You

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Created by Unknown

Ladies, Please, One at a Time


If There Was Any Way to Make Me Feel Worse, You've Done It, Fortune Cookie

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Created by Unknown

What a Role Model

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Created by Unknown

Are You a Pigeon?

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Created by Unknown

You Even Reminded Me to Take My Receipt

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Created by Spike13

We've Got You Covered!


Even Better Than the Original!

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Via Tastefully Offensive

>TFW No Wishes

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Created by Unknown
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