Art of Trolling


They be eatin trolls too?

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Get Rekt, Son

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Also Secures Leftovers!

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There Are No Winners Here

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Two Dutch Guys Go to a Food Connoisseur's Convention and Serve Their "New, Organic, Alternative Cuisine" to a Bunch of Experts. The Catch? It's Actually McDonalds Food.

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Famously Bad

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These People Got 'Pranked' by a Guy With a Constant Duck Face, but Hey, They Got Free Pringles

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These Brilliant Bros Drunkenly Tried to Kickstart a Happy Hour at Chipotle, and Their Results Are Absurd

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French stepmom complains and leaves no tip, doesn't get breakfast | Posted by u/AQuietBorderline 14 hours ago E 27e10 3 13 E 13 My French Stepmother Learns Hard Way Americans Can Cook oc XL This happened today and my brother and are still are laughing about except Gabrielle (said stepmother) and Dad (who is embarrassed Dad came into town visit my brother (let's call him Mark) and few days and brought Gabrielle with him. Gabrielle has her good traits but she does have this one really nasty trait.

Entitled Stepmom's A Monster To Diner Staff, Kids Take Revenge

Here's your fancy breakfast, lady.
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That's Amore!

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People Have Been Celebrating Their "Delicious" Dinner Creations With the Phrase "Bone Apple Tea"

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How to Give Your Mom a Heart Attack

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Trust Me!

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I Can't Believe It's Not Butt

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The St. Patty's Day Diet

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