Art of Trolling


Are You a Remora?

facebook FAIL fish spelling - 5098591232
By Mulecc
FAIL soccer fish funny Video - 141062

Massive Inflatable Fish Attacks Guy During Half-Time Show, To The Tune of 'Eat It'

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Bad for Their Gills

cigarettes fish IRL smoking - 4556115456
By Unknown

IRL Troll: Those Pesky Lungfish

cigarettes fish IRL sign smoking zoo - 4543876864
By Unknown
trolltube Remi Gaillard fish - 58562817

Beware of Fish in Your Local Swimming Pool

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Come At Us, Bro

cool fish gifs IRL - 4515035648
By Unknown

You'l Become a Mermaid!

disease fish kissing Yahoo Answer Fails - 6123498496
By stanley.b
fishing fish Video - 75640065

Watch This Troll of a Grouper Fish Drag Around a Spear Fisherman After Stealing His Fish

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No Mister Shark, Paint Chips Are Bad For You!

fish IRL shark wall - 4887023360
By NomCheezburgerNom

I'll Take That!

fishing gifs fish - 8397654272
Via gifak-net

Shock and Awe!

Cleverbot delicious drowning fish food - 4499034624
By Unknown

Seems Fishy

dirty fish gross shower smells - 4246392064
By Unknown


fish men women - 4973193984
By sixonefive72

Holy Carp

car crap drive thru driving fish food IRL restaurant - 4555630848
By deathwish01b

Fish Chase It Too

gifs red dot fish - 8166397952

Aquard Man

fish Mormon Chat puns water - 4273308416
By Unknown
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