Art of Trolling


That Fish is a Genius!

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D'aww! What a Little Hero!

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Seems Fishy

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The Bogue Fish's Scientific Name is "Boops Boops"

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Think of the Possibilities

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Created by BobFijiwinkle

No Mister Shark, Paint Chips Are Bad For You!

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Created by NomCheezburgerNom
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Watch This Troll of a Grouper Fish Drag Around a Spear Fisherman After Stealing His Fish

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J-Jeff? Is That You?

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Bad for Their Gills

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IRL Troll: Those Pesky Lungfish

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D'aww! What a Little Hero!

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Probable Cause

Death drowning fish - 4111590912
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Are You a Remora?

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Aquard Man

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Fish Chase It Too

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