Art of Trolling


I Must Eat a Lot of Fat, Ugly Bits

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By hellyahmaclellan

Hey! Be Nice to Zach Galifinikifaniakifinikanakafakianakiksf

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Probably Both

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By Catlick

All Aboard!

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By Jaime M


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But Where's the Cracked Pavement?

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By Biggmac4444

Genetically Predisposed to Getting Burned

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Can't Tell if Trolling or Inspiring

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By Unknown

The Whole Thing

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Beached Whales Often Die, You Should Be Ashamed

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By thesassyhop

One Giant Leap for Mankind

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By unclehey

Why Don't You Make a Fat Joke While You're At It?

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By jc2581

Please, You Just Fell Down, Fatty

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By Unknown

A Passport to America

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You Have to Get Pregnant First

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By cjc1117!

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