Art of Trolling


Oh, Because of Reasons... Okay...

black hole fart - 7125384448
Created by Woodfur

While You Smelled for It, I Did It Again

fart gross IRL shirt - 6391472384
Created by Sup123

I Like the Kind of Games You Play

craigslist fart Memes missed connections shoppers beware - 6393942272
Created by Unknown
fart IRL Video - 42262273

Y U So Mad? It's Only Natural!

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Just Trolling Things

funny memes popcorn fart

Can't Tell If Trolling or Best Idea Ever

fart IRL pants - 5046517760
Created by Unknown
butt stuff prank Video fart - 59395841

Prepare the Fart Machine, then Toot it and Boot it!

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And Pink Eye On Your Pillow

Bad Translator breakfast fart - 4961284096
Created by Unknown
farts farting trolltube break Video fart - 71236609

This Girl Just Can't Stop Farting

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That's Awful Nice of You

facebook nice massage fart - 6980600576
Created by Unknown

That's More Like It

art fart - 6894210304
Via Pleated Jeans

Super Really Weird Question

boyfriend fart memory weird - 3981274880
Created by Unknown

Silent but Trolly

elevator fart - 4603348224
Created by bloodandflames27