Art of Trolling


It Does Get All Soft and Squishy

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By deb

Perk Up, Kiddo

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By Spellmyname

Family Fun Night

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By nyan.x128

Talk Dirty to Yourself

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By Unknown

Intimate Nocturnal Emissions

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By thewittywalrus (Via

Classic: Seriously, I Had to Get a Brace

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By Unknown

At Least Use the Head

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Your Attention Seeking Behavior Gets Me Hot

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When Everyone Was Your Age

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By James

It's the Effort That Counts

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By ShadowKnight

I Only Need a Bit of Imagination

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By ebyrne288

He Strikes His Match

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By renshaw30

I Almost Collapsed on Top of Him

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By GaryOak_selina


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By Unknown

Can I Get You a Tissue?

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By reebokgil

The Dorm Showers Weren't Enough

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By Unknown
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