Art of Trolling


I Only Need a Bit of Imagination

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By ebyrne288

There Better Be Tissues In There

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By squee1031

At Least Use the Head

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Talk Dirty to Yourself

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By Unknown

Nope, Never

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By PedroBarkface

Your Attention Seeking Behavior Gets Me Hot

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Perk Up, Kiddo

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By Spellmyname

Intimate Nocturnal Emissions

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By thewittywalrus (Via

I Have the Weirdest Man-Reaction Right Now

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By Unknown

The Three Grand Job

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By Unknown

Nope, Cause I'm Playing Skyrim

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By themyron (Via


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By Unknown

Invest In Some Tissues With Aloe, Bro

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By LadyBelacqua

When Everyone Was Your Age

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By James

There's No Troll Here, Honestly

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By Unknown

Make Sure You Chew Before You Swallow

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By Unknown
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