Art of Trolling



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People Search for What Really Matters

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College Life Necessitates Honesty

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To the Designer of This Soap Dispenser: I Salute You

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By Unknown

Man, You Ruined My Sentimental Moment!

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How to get a level 100 Metapod

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By Shrewstur

That's the definition of Buddhism for ya...

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By funninesscb

I Don't Think That's Exactly What Aristotle Meant...

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By youngmoneymoproblems

The Fap Tracker

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Fairly Sure This Fortune is Telling You to Fap

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College Life Necessitates Honesty

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BOOM! Roasted!

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Just What're You Tryin' to Say, Cookie?

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By Unknown

Not in Public, Bro!

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Staying Fit Has Never Been so Much Fun

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It Sums Me Up Nicely

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