Art of Trolling


It's all fake. All of it. None of it is real. It is all a mirage you must see throughץ

You Don't Say?

fake obvious robots youtube - 5696451840
Created by 1337Sandshrew

Just Turn It Into Chocolate Ice Cream

best of week fake poop tattoo - 5500075776
Created by Unknown

Is This Real Life?

error esc fake Omegle spymode - 5072597248
Created by Donkers

The rabbit hole

the matrix fake facebook - 6968578048
Created by Kiltboy929

YouTube Gold Membership

fake gold gold account real youtube - 4628515328
fake pranks Video - 83151617

Ethan From h3h3Productions Exposed A "Social Experiment" From Joey Salads as Fake

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Challenge Accepted

fake front page meta - 5154963968
Created by murdoc47

Gotta Troll 'Em All!

App fake Pokémon shoppers beware - 5870115072
Created by Ordaku

The Dorm Showers Weren't Enough

fake faptimes IRL library sign - 5434888960
Created by Unknown
funny fake animal facts

A Comedian Planted Fake Animal Facts All Over the LA Zoo and They Are Hilarious

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Classic: You Don't Say!

comments fake train youtube - 5610947840
Created by rasmukas
50 shades of grey actor celeb fake fifty shades of grey funny Morgan Freeman parody Video - 41609729

ROFLrazzi: Morgan Freeman Narrates Excerpts From "50 Shades of Grey"

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fake prank bike Video - 77978881

Pranksters Stop Bike Thieves With an Exploding Airbag Seat

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PS Everyone Knows Your Smile Is Fake, even on Yahoo Answers

Funny answer on Yahoo Answers regarding if anyone likes them. They don't.
Created by Tyler_G
douche Social Experiment youtube fake - 75980545

Exposed Crook of The Day: "Social Experiment" YouTuber Revealed to be Faking His Videos

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The Eternal Mystery

fake justin bieber strangers - 4243356672
Created by PaintNUrTaint
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