Art of Trolling


It's all fake. All of it. None of it is real. It is all a mirage you must see throughׄ

Lucky Suckers!

ads fake jerks trolling wtf - 6029441792
By Slim Susie

Not Sure Whether to be Impressed or Disgusted

fake doctors wtf - 8752449280
Via nypost

The Dorm Showers Weren't Enough

fake faptimes IRL library sign - 5434888960
By Unknown

Challenge Accepted

fake front page meta - 5154963968
By murdoc47
fake pranks Video - 83151617

Ethan From h3h3Productions Exposed A "Social Experiment" From Joey Salads as Fake

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You Sure?

IRL fake wtf - 6652690688
By Unknown

But Those Feet Are So Big!

elephant fake youtube - 5839667456
By Unknown

YouTube Gold Membership

fake gold gold account real youtube - 4628515328


fake flake and gray gay google shopped - 4223119360
By JonathanSM

Fake Mormons

fake magnets Mormon Chat neighbors - 4262516992
By silenthunder

Classic: You Don't Say!

comments fake train youtube - 5610947840
By rasmukas

How to Ruin a Life

facebook fake girlfriend Omegle webcam - 4598771200
By Unknown


fake facebook - 7034065408
By Unknown
list trivia trolling fake books prank - 934149

A Man Started Sneaking Fake Trivia Books Into Real Book Stores

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fake IRL Japan pool Video - 19929601


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fake girls IRL justin bieber trolling van Video - 17489665

IRL Troll: Trolling Hysteric Girls

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