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bananas failbook facebook - 901893

The 'Banana Bunker' Continues to Be the Greatest Item on Groupon and Facebook Agrees

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We All Scream for Subpar Service

customer service ice cream yelp failbook - 8322568448
Via Brown Cardigan

What Will the Circus Be Without This Clown?

Via pattymo

I Hear He Used to Drive a Snow Plow

clever the simpsons failbook g rated - 8449076992
By Unknown

Wendy Davis Filibusters Anti-Abortion Bill in Texas, Senate Gets Ultra Mad, Bro

government texas politics failbook g rated - 7606991616
By Bre

People Are Either Really in on This Joke or Totally Ignorant

facepalm facebook prayer failbook - 8193641984
Via Wilhelm_Heinrich

We've Been at This for a While

android iPhones smartphones failbook - 8314746112

What Happened to Facebook?

Via cualcrees
Woman Epically Trolls a Facebook Scammer and Drives Him Over the Edge

Woman Epically Trolls a Facebook Scammer and Drives Him Over the Edge

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Mythbusters v. Dealiest Catch

crabs discovery channel mythbusters failbook - 7434754048
By chubtor

Momma's Boy

moms parenting failbook - 4663071744
By Unknown

So Anger

doge failbook - 7983936768
By jasonalex

No Phone for Me

phones smartphones funny microwave failbook - 7531899648
By Unknown

"I Know Right? That Sucks!" - Me

quotes youtube failbook g rated - 8282914816
By NintenisIrrelevant

Thanks for Making Me Feel Terrible Again!

funerals flowers failbook g rated - 7937853696
By Unknown

My Body Wasn't Ready Yet

twerking nintendo failbook g rated - 7870116608
By Unknown
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