Art of Trolling


Failbook. Where all the dumb things everyone thought they deleted are posted by their friends for others to laugh at and enjoy their inexplicable lack of a thought process. Remember - think before you post.

What Will the Circus Be Without This Clown?

Via pattymo

Did Pat Sajak Really Just Try to Get Us Buttrumbled Over Global Warming?

climate change wheel of fortune trolling global warming failbook - 8194769920
Via The Wrap

People Will Believe Anything With a Facebook Logo Attached to it

religion facebook prank failbook - 8111769600
Via Warriorccc0

Failbook: What Happens When ESPN Allows Write-In Votes on Its Facebook Poll

espn failbook poll sports - 6411013376
Via Deadspin

Think About it, the End is Nigh!

yik yak conspiracy what hitler failbook g rated - 8391369728
Via Brown Cardigan

Burn Accomplished. Pack It Up, Boys.

Via Mandylost

The Tale of the Knock Knock Joke

jokes trolling failbook - 7579798272
Via @busselling

Just Ca-Noodling Around

ramen tumblr dads parenting failbook g rated - 7895010560
By anselmbe

Your Spawn Looks Way Better This Way

drawing parenting failbook - 8391358464
Via tpolisher

Jurassic Suburb.

neighbors jurassic park dinosaurs failbook g rated - 7303976192
By abyjim

There's Always the Next iPhone Revision

iPhones facebook prank failbook g rated - 8111759872
Via Creamcheeser77

Glory to Jesus!

twitter nicki minaj failbook - 8312983040

Time to Beef Up and Try This Post Again

burn gym workout failbook - 8228559360
Via Acid Cow

So Much for That New Year's Resolution

gym apps exercise iphone failbook g rated - 8426097152
Via jreenfin

The Best and Only Way to Play Crash Bandicoot

video games failbook g rated - 8116795136

What Happened to Facebook?

Via cualcrees
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