Art of Trolling


Scam This!

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By tehphotonuker

Swears Adjusted

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By xEazy-A

Sorry, Wrong Person

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By Unknown

Totally Legit Email From Google

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By Unknown


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By Unknown

You Should Try Build-a-Bear

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By that_13th_dude

None of The Above

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By freshbru

Forwarding All My Notifications to My Ex

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I Have a Very Successful Website

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By thejerm333

Student Sends Atrociously Punctuated Email to Her Teacher, Teacher Responds Accordingly

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By Unknown

Trolling Scammers

email lemonparty money scammer - 4543807232
By szegers

Yahoo Answers hacker

Yahoo Answers post by newbie hacker on how to hack into Facebook, gets trolled.
Via Yahoo Answers

Omegle Missed Connection

Awkward email FAIL Omegle - 5324496640
By Coyotekitty

Scamming the Scammers

email fraud scam - 6602509056
By IrishLuv


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By Unknown

Help These Kids Hear Taylor!

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By Unknown
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