Art of Trolling


Yahoo Answers hacker

Yahoo Answers post by newbie hacker on how to hack into Facebook, gets trolled.
Via Yahoo Answers

Forwarding All My Notifications to My Ex

email facebook notifications - 5250286592

None of The Above

email staples illiterate - 6957974528
By freshbru

Help These Kids Hear Taylor!

deaf email taylor swift - 6552763136
By Unknown

Scam This!

ascii art email scam - 5176300544
By tehphotonuker

Totally Legit Email From Google

email google - 7701694464
By Unknown

Scamming the Scammers

email fraud scam - 6602509056
By IrishLuv

You Should Try Build-a-Bear

bear email pedobear Yahoo Answer Fails - 4672471552
By that_13th_dude


email truancy story professor - 6688110848
By Unknown

Omegle Missed Connection

Awkward email FAIL Omegle - 5324496640
By Coyotekitty

Trolling Scammers

email lemonparty money scammer - 4543807232
By szegers

Student Sends Atrociously Punctuated Email to Her Teacher, Teacher Responds Accordingly

email teachers school - 8030825728
By Unknown

I Have a Very Successful Website

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By thejerm333

Problem, Yahoo?

email huh id password trollface - 4586885632
By Unknown

Sorry, Wrong Person

email - 7866792704
By Unknown

Swears Adjusted

cup email gun weapons - 4558434560
By xEazy-A
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