Art of Trolling

duct tape

I Don't Think Duct Tape Fixes EVERYTHING

bathroom duct tape IRL toilet paper - 4839227136
Created by Unknown

Thief Repellant

duct tape IRL knife mask murder thief - 4587678976
Created by Unknown

You have a permit for that Sprite?

duct tape weapon - 3703172864
Created by Unknown

Just Don't Use the Sticky Side

best of week desperate duct tape IRL Memes toilet paper - 5639603712
Created by BIGpizzaCAKE

Let the Games Begin

bathrooms saw jigsaw toilet paper duct tape - 8166869248

It'll Keep the Blood In

duct tape fixed puppy Yahoo Answer Fails - 5682207488
Created by Unknown

Let's Not

jigsaw toilet paper duct tape - 6823467008
Created by Unknown

Not That Desperate

toilet paper duct tape - 8425403648