Art of Trolling

duck face

I'll Store the Body in My Garage Freezer

draw something duck face duck hunt - 6003227904
Created by Youaint1

Art of Duck Face

duck face girls peace - 5144899840
Created by Unknown

They Could Be Twins!

duck duck face facebook look alike - 5766059520
Created by itroitnyah

Bang! You Got Another One

bang duck face duck hunt facebook - 5792267776
Created by Unknown

Your Skin Matches His Hair!

duck duck face facebook orange - 5836594176
Created by regis313

Too Puckered; Didn't Read

advice duck face facebook girls - 6377296128
Created by geoissecret

Dolan's on the Duck Hunt

dolan duck face duck hunt facebook - 6000212736
Created by xanathh

No, Mine is Kissy Face

best of week duck face facebook profile picture - 5966912000
Created by Unknown

That's What She Gets for Wearing Orange

duck face duck hunt facebook - 5978524416

Preened and Purdy Bird

duck face duck hunt facebook Photo - 5948142592

The IPhone5 Is Here!

best of week duck face IRL phone - 5683494912
Created by kirbyphanphan

Double Duck Face Trouble

bang duck face facebook - 5686055424
Created by The revenant

A Rare Catch Indeed

duck face duck hunt twitter - 6063910144
Created by RainbowNerdette

Need a Ride to the Hospital?

duck face facebook girls stroke - 6201305088
Created by Unknown

And Release the Hounds!

duck face duck hunt facebook sir - 6394037248
Created by molberg

We Don't Suggest Retrieving Your Kill

bang duck face duck hunt facebook - 5672244992
Created by Unknown
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