Art of Trolling


Don't do drugs. Just laugh at all the crazy things that can happen and the punny and trippy jokes they lead to. From a distance is best.

Enjoy Your Dirty Money!

drugs money - 8303171072

They Really Let This Place Go

drugs party hard failbook - 7692269056
By EdmondBoy
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If Drug Companies Made Honest Commercials

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What's the Reward?

unicorn drugs - 7119571200
By freshbru

Unless They're the Generic Brand

drugs strangers - 4751102976
By Danieke

Only Half?

Charlie Sheen drugs not sexy white stuff wikipedia - 5382625536
By Unknown


Chat Roulette drugs - 3259658240
By venomlash
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Old Anti-Drug PSA's Are More Hilarious Than Serious When Looking Back

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Dare to Keep Lindsay Off Drugs

crack drugs lindsay lohan twitter - 5467623168
By pujitjuneja

If There's a Fire, Pay Attention to the Smoke

drugs safety - 6240228096
By wheetree

Call Me Back at 911

unicorn 911 drugs - 7153417984
By 0525787178

Before There Was Botox

birth control birthday drugs Yahoo Answer Fails - 4463587072
By IcanHAZtitties
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Watch People Try Heroin for the First Time!

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How a Georgia Sheriff's Department Handles Drug Dealers


Cheaper Alternative

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By The_No_Monkey

College Doodles

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