Art of Trolling


This Is a Real Pickle

dogs pickles Yahoo Answer Fails - 4535719680
Created by mysoxlike2party

Gettin' Real Tired of Your S**t, Jasmine...


Get Rekt, Son

food dogs pets tacos - 8183657984

I Never Want to Eat Another Muffin

wtf dog or muffin picture
Via google

RuFF! RuFF! grrrrrrrruuf!

Omegle dogs chat - 7035211520
Created by evaporatanater

A Simple Guide

cat dogs guide simple troll science - 6157758464
Created by StickGuy94

Way to ruin the mood.

dogs youtube youtube comments - 6546012928
Created by Drew676

Can't Unsee or Stop Staring

best of week dogs duck IRL - 5057497344
Created by t8rtots

C'mon Kids, We're Going on an Adventure!

dogs kids moon parenting - 8284023040
Via The Oatmeal


dogs facebook - 6607756800

It's So Sleek and Shiny

bowl dogs IRL water wtf - 5044379904
Created by Unknown

Animal Cruelty

animal cat dogs - 4029852416
Created by mouse

Sis' favorite panties

siblings panties dogs - 6680824064
Created by freshbru

Can't Tell If Pleasant Surprise or Great Troll

dogs nazi shady url - 5087782144
Created by tremisanthrope
jstustudios dogs trolltube Video - 68828417

Here's How to Make All the Dogs at the Dog Park Follow You Around

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At Least the Dog Was Fed, Right?

babysitter children dogs - 4643249152
Created by toodlooo
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