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My, What Beautiful Antlers You Have!

dogs moose - 7797415680
Created by Unknown
dogs snow trolltube Video karma - 68626689

Guy Laughs at His Dog Slipping on Ice, Promptly Receives Karmic Justice

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Well if you didn't want to know.....

dogs masturbation - 4133985280
Created by Darkfarytales

He'll Bite Your Legs Off!

beware cute dogs IRL scary - 4868968704
Via EPICPonyz

Benjamin Barkin

dogs puppy - 7383918080
Created by Unknown

Hello, This Is Uggie

dogs obvious trivia - 5699787776
Created by ErintheAlchemist ( Via )

I Never Want to Eat Another Muffin

wtf dog or muffin picture
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Actually, It's Countless

animal love bad brother love brother dogs Omegle - 4386973440
Created by Unknown

Run! It's the Noisy Beast!

dogs vacuum cleaner - 8154115840

The Same Goes for the Dog

funny memes if a man wore pants
Via flooid

Re-Trolled: Best Buddies Indeed

dogs yearbook - 6250579456
Created by Cargopantsman

The Dog's Balrog


Loyal to a Fault

dogs pets - 7755450880
Created by Unknown

Classic: I Piss On Your Hound

dogs IRL no pee sign - 5030716672
Created by maxystone

Look at This Dog!

dogs lost - 6583073280
Created by lizard

Chaos in 3... 2... 1...

dogs pets red dot Cats - 8288081920
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