Art of Trolling


Pedobear Strikes Again

cracked desktop IRL screen - 4651775488
Created by nine13reaker

Oh God, Set the Parental Controls

background desktop IRL pedobear - 4677835520
Created by Unknown

Why I Not Longer Let My Friends "Use My Computer for a Sec"

desktop internet explorer nic cage - 7027146496
Created by Unknown

It's Easier This Way

desktop grandma technology - 5152828416
Created by ILuffNinjawz

Paint Me Like One of Your Shopped Girls

deadpool desktop IRL - 6698849024
Created by Unknown

This is What Happens When Your Colorblind Friend Forgets to Lock His Computer

desktop background wallpaper - 7840791296
Created by Unknown

Why Can't I Click Any of These Links?

desktop - 5879243776
Created by evilelmo

The Murder of Internet Explorer

desktop ie internet explorer - 6604426240
Created by xChymera

Farewell, Old Chum...

desktop internet explorer shark - 6586790912
Created by Unknown