Art of Trolling



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By dallaspilgrim

Bloody Delicious

Blood cannibal delicious pregnancy twins Yahoo Answer Fails - 4366201088
By Tex

Salty and Nutritious

delicious man mayo recipe shoppers beware - 4793477376
By Juel92 (Via

It Better Have Bacon In It

delicious dirty talk girlfriend sandwich Yahoo Answer Fails - 3776813824
By Unknown


delicious facebook grocery store IRL kids pedobear - 4531835648
By Unknown

Classic: So Delicious

drinking gross delicious - 6866672640
By Unknown

If That's Your Brain, They're of Roughly the Same Intelligence

brain delicious IRL truancy story - 5857049856
By Bendyrulz

The Right Way to Cook Lobster

cooking delicious - 4604074496
By Rajamikitteh (Via

Give This To Your Valentine

assassins creed delicious Valentines day Yahoo Answer Fails - 4437784064
By Pokemon-Master

Should I Baconcerned?

bacon delicious Yahoo Answer Fails - 4778835200
By freshmint

But They're Delicious AND Nutritious

delicious Will Ferrel - 4396293632
By soren329


delicious IRL pedobear - 4562298368
By Unknown

Classic: Is This a Trick Question?

delicious racism who wants to be a millionaire - 6102844928
By Jackothy

Shock and Awe!

Cleverbot delicious drowning fish food - 4499034624
By Unknown